Today was the 2nd day that Glossika had me following along with the GMS-A audio files with the text in the ebook. If you don’t remember me discussing this in the Glossika Course Received and Glossika Day 1 posts, the GMS-A (Glossika Mass Sentence, type A) files are recordings of the sentences for each language repeated twice. The intent is that while following along with the written text of the sentences in the ebook, you listen to the pronunciation of the sentence the first time it’s said and then repeat with the speaker the second.

When I did the first GMS-A file originally, which was for sentences 1-50, I had a lot of problems following along with all of the various written forms and had no idea what I was doing. Today, I did the 2nd GMS-A file for sentences 51-100, and it felt a lot smoother. I was able to repeat after most of the sentences without stutter or severe blunder, and felt my brain shifting into each language differently as the sentences came around. That was kind of a fun feeling, as while I’m used to speaking/reading/listening in multiple languages, I rarely do it with the speed and regularity that Glossika is requiring. I think a side effect of doing the triangulation course will be beating my brain into being able to fluidly switch between languages.

I did the GMS-A file after my morning Anki, where I’m still continuing to chug away at the Glossika sentences in addition to my normal cards. I’ve caught up to where I am in the Glossika course, so now I’m only introducing 10 new sentences a day in Anki for each language. These sentences are the ones that Glossika will be introducing the next day, so that I can see the sentences in the initial study mode and once for a review before hearing them for the first time in Glossika.

The GSR file, which is the normal daily repetition files, I did on the train while commuting home today. Generally I like getting all of my required language study over with in the morning before going to work, but the GSR files are easy to do while commuting or working out, so to maximize my time I’ll be doing those in addition to another daily task.

I think this is going to the last of the daily posts about Glossika. After this, expect an update on my Glossika journeys only every couple days.

Total time spent with Glossika today: 67 minutes.
Total time spent with Glossika: 240 minutes (~4.0 hours).