What is this blog about?

Interested in languages for years, I’ve decided to start blogging about some of my adventures. These might include product reviews, technical overviews of techniques, or just general discussions about languages that I find interesting.

Who am I?

My name is Ryan Smith and I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Professionally, I’m a programmer who specializes in data systems, natural language processing, and general backend work. Educationally, I hold a masters in computational linguistics from the University of Washington and a bachelor’s in linguistics from Indiana University.

At IU, I minored in both Russian language and culture and Finnish language and culture and have been hooked on learning languages since high school. I’ve studied almost two dozen languages from multiple distinct language families and from multiple continents.


All of the posts on this blog are my own personal thoughts and ramblings, and should be taken as such: just my opinions. Your mileage may vary on any of the resources or methods that I discuss, as not everyone learns the same and has the same experiences setting something up.

Affiliate Links

I previously used affiliate links, but have decided against this approach for various reasons. I’ve attempted to remove them from all of my previous links, but if I missed any, I apologize.