Five days later after placing the order for the 4-language triangulation course, I’m still waiting for it to be available for download. They did warn in one of the documentation that I read, that it might take up to 7 days for custom courses to be built, so we’re still within the time they’ve allotted. I am, however, quite impatient, so I’ve already started doing some custom work to prepare for my endeavor.

For both Mandarin and Cantonese, I’ve created a number of Anki cards to help me practice repeating some sentences in an environment that I’m more accustomed to and to practice my ability to transcribe spoken sentences in these languages. For Mandarin, I’ve sourced the sentences and audio from the fantastic Spoonfed Chinese premade Anki deck. For Cantonese, I’ve sourced the audio by scraping a number of sentences from CantoDict.

Cantonese Sentence Anki card (front and back)">

I actually started these cards a few days ago, and think that they’ve been incredibly helpful for starting to tune my ear for Cantonese and getting my head back around how Mandarin grammar works. I’m not sure if I’ll continue to add new ones once the Glossika course actually comes, but they’ve at least been useful for keeping my occupied while waiting for the material to be available.

For Spanish and Italian, I haven’t been doing anything special, just some normal Anki cards that I already had.