The GSR files go by much faster when you do them while playing tetris. It’s the perfect combination of distracting and mindless to keep your attention squarely focused on repeating after the recordings.

Despite the tetris distractions, I’m definitely feeling like the GSR method has at least some benefits. I’m getting the feeling that the general approach to the GSR files is that the oldest sentences that are being repeated that day come first in the recordings. Many of these sentences I had significant problems saying when I was first introduced to them, but after a few days of practice with the GSR files many of them now just roll off my tongue. As we move further along through each lesson the sentences get harder to mimic, presumably because they’re newer to me. This generally results in me being pretty tongue tied and with a slight headache by the end of the lesson, but not too frustrated at least.

Obviously too early to make conclusions about the effectiveness of the course overall, but nice to see at least incremental results as I’m making my way through the course.

Total time spent with Glossika today: 44 minutes.
Total time spent with Glossika: 548 minutes (~9.1 hours).