Day 3 had me studying the 3rd GSR file, which reviews the previous 20 sentences introduced and introduces 10 new ones. For the note, all of the sentence that are run through the GSR files were first introduced in the GSM-A file that I listened to on the first day, so they’re not completely novel. But they sure do feel like it. This file took a little over 30 minutes to complete, and didn’t come with much of an accompanying headache this time.

At this point I don’t have terribly much to say about the efficacy of the program…because we’re on day 3 of 301. But I would like to talk about a few quality and technical notes. So far, I’ve been impressed with the audio quality in the files. There’s only been 1 sentence in any of the languages that has had any noticeable distortion or background noise. The Mandarin sentence for “I am a taxi driver”, or “我是一名出租车司机。” , sounds like it was recorded outside of a studio and is a bit different in audio level than all the others. Otherwise, no complaints.

Before starting the program I was slightly worried that the audio levels would vary from language to language, so that it might seem like the Spanish speaker was shouting and the Cantonese speaker was whispering. I’ve seen this happen in other programs, like Fluent Forever’s audio trainers, where between individual files the volume differs greatly. That becomes annoying fast, so I’m glad that Glossika’s audio quality level is high enough to have made sure that hasn’t happened.

Total time spent with Glossika today: 31 minutes.
Total time spent with Glossika: 96 minutes (~1.6 hours).